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Heavyweight Enamel ring


Vitreous enamel on lost wax casting


Each piece is hand carved in wax before being artisanally casted in my studio


Slight variations may be seen due to the custom nature of these items

Kusama Dome

$550.00 Regular Price
$330.00Sale Price

Enamel Sale

  • Solid 925 Sterling Silver


    Hand carved & casted


    Vitreous enamel is the process of fusing glass to metal, not to be confused with "cold" enamel or epoxy resin. True enamel is a powder like material made from naturally occuring minerals which is heated at high temperatures in a kiln. This technique can be dated back to 11th century BC. The specific method of enameling used in this model is called Champleve, or "raised fields" in French.

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