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le processus

lost wax casting

Specializing in one of the oldest forms of jewelry creation, sculpting each piece in wax by hand, the lost wax casting process consists of multiple steps- each intricate and delicate in their own right- laboriously culminating in a final statement where science meets art. 


Embracing trial and error with the “cast in place” technique of stone setting, each adornment created in this manner is exquisitely singular. 

About Our Leather

hot enamel

The application of vitreous enamel is referred to as enameling. Working exclusively with the champlevé wet packing technique, the material begins as grounded glass, similar in texture to sugar. Water is added to create a paste which is then meticulously filled into desired areas. The next step is to fire the piece in a kiln at high temperatures which allows the enamel to flow into a glassy coating and bond to metal. After cooling, the object is examined, pickled, and then taken to the sink to clean up the edges of the design. Back in the kiln the piece goes, and these steps are repeated (sometimes 5-6 times) to achieve desired results. It is a scrupulous endeavor !


Working exclusively with sterling silver, fine silver, and gold, the majority of these metals are recycled. 

all stones are natural, non heated, and ethically mined.

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