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Would you like you own custom jewelry made from your pet's teeth?


Absolutely possible! 


If you have baby teeth you'd like transformed into earrings, a necklace, or a ring, or all of the above, we can make that happen! 

Custom Pet Tooth Jewelry

  • Your own unique pet adornment is waiting for you!


    I will need to get my hands on your animal's teeth- don't worry- the teeth are not harmed during this process, and will be sent back to you with your custom piece. 


    Once I have your baby's teeth, I will send them out for a mold to be made. After this step is completed, I can begin to work with the objects in wax to create your individualized item. 


    We can collaborate on what type of adornment you are dreaming of, or you can let me design it for you! Either way, I will send you a photo and video of what it looks like in wax before I cast it in silver or gold. Any final adjustments can be made in wax prior to casting.


    After casting is complete, the item will undergo my finishing process. Et voila, your custom pet tooth piece will be packaged and shipped out to you (along with the original teeth used for the creation of this piece).


    Please do not hesitate if you have any questions! 

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